The wood that goes into the making of your instrument is very sensitive to its environment — extreme variations in temperature and humidity will cause the wood to swell, shrink, or warp. Movement in the wood can cause the finish to crack, buckle or craze. For this reason, we ask that you be mindful of all the environments your instrument moves through with you.

 We have included a small hygrometer (humidity-measuring tool) in your case so you can know the percentage of relative humidity wherever you go with your instrument. We build our instruments in a climate-controlled workshop where the relative humidity is kept at a constant 43%; try to maintain a similar level of humidity for your instrument as consistently as possible. Moving your instrument to a new climate with vastly different humidity levels can result in permanent damage to the body, neck, or fretboard; damage from environmental neglect would not be covered under our warranty.

 In short, never leave your instrument anywhere where you wouldn’t leave your dog: in a hot car, a cold basement, in the sun, right up next to a woodstove … you get the idea.

 When you (or your friends) play the instrument, be mindful of your clothing: belt buckles, jeans buttons, zippers, even watch bands can be hard on the finish. “Pick rash” can result from over-enthusiastic playing, even if you have a pick guard. Our limited warranty does not cover wear and tear from normal use (fret, fretboard, nut and saddle wear, for example), nor any damage that results from misuse or abuse.

 Protect your instrument from accidents! Always store it flat (in the case with the lid closed is best), never leaning up against a table or wall. Our limited warranty does not extend to accidents or damage due to careless actions by you or others.

 Find a skilled guitar tech or repair person whom you can trust with the occasional adjustments necessary for best action and playability according to your playing style. We are happy to answer any questions your repair person might have about the instrument, to ensure you get the best repair work possible.



 We take great care in building our instruments so you can have many years of enjoyment playing them. Our instruments are warranted to the original owner to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for three (3) years. After three years, if the instrument has been properly cared for based on the advice above, we may extend the warranty at our discretion.  This warranty is not transferable should you sell the instrument (though we’d love to stay in contact with the next owner).

 If you believe you have a warrantied repair, contact us via e-mail (with photos, if possible) and we will be happy to discuss the situation with you. If you cannot hand-deliver your instrument to us for warrantied repair work, shipping (and insurance) to our workshop will be your responsibility; we will cover return shipping and insurance. Although we take great care in shipping any instrument (and insure appropriately), we are not responsible for damage that may occur while the instrument is in the hands of the shipping agent.

 This warranty is the sole warranty of Michael Colbert Guitars and is given in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including any implied warranties of fitness for purpose and merchantability.