Michael, age 6, and his first (storebought) guitar.

Michael, age 6, and his first (storebought) guitar.

Michael brings decades of experience in historic home restoration to his work with wood, and a longtime interest in loudspeaker building to the subtleties of acoustics and resonant qualities of instruments. Now that his last big home-building project - his daughter’s house in Ballard - is complete, it’s his joy to head into the shop every day to build beautiful and resonant instruments for players.

In 2010, he started building his first guitar – on our dining room table! It took quite a bit longer to build that first one than it does now, of course.… A week-long course in 2012 on guitar-top bracing kicked this instrument thing into a higher gear, along with workshops with Charles Fox and other master builders.

For the last nine years, we were building instruments in the basement shop of our home in Port Townsend. We recently ‘upped sticks’ and moved (28 miles north!) to the town of Anacortes. While moving shop isn’t for the faint of heart, the much larger space (still in the basement) was worth the four-month-long moving process.

We now have one room for stationary tools, another for handwork and wood storage, plus a third, separate space for auditioning instruments and playing music. Down here is now where you’ll find Michael hard at work doing his favorite things: building instruments and geeking out with tools.

We would like each person who comes to us for an instrument to choose one that they personally respond to. For this reason we rarely build on commission; instead as instruments become available, we post them here on the website and offer them to members of our e-mail list on a first-come, first-right-of-refusal basis. (See the Contacts page for how to be added to our e-mail list.) You are welcome to make an appointment to come visit the shop and audition the instruments hanging on the wall; at that time you can also chat with Michael about options for upcoming builds that might interest you.